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Mobile Marketing

December 5, 2009


The best product identified for this category is Air2Web
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The main features, along with brief descriptions, for this category are given below.

SMS → Sends SMS
MMS → Sends MMS
WAP → Sends WAP messages
Bulk SMS→ Sends SMS to group of mobile users
Two Way SMS → Provides interactive 2-way program and broadcast message support
Supports Integration→ The software/product can be integrated to custom  applications
Supports Bluetooth → Sends messages to bluetooth enabled devices in a specific location
Supports Loyalty Programs → The product can be used for loyalty programs
Mobile Coupons → Sends Mobile coupons
Interactive Voice Response → Allows IVR features (Automatic outbound calls, auto responses etc)
Short Code → Typically, a code (for example, 552232) is given to a vendor and customers can send/receive messages to  the vendor on specific topics(News, weather report etc)